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Roller Starters

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Motor Cycle Roller Starters For Sale

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Motorcycle Roller Starters spin the back wheel while the bike remains stationary.   “Paddock Starter” or “Bump Starter”,  are an alternative way to start your bike without pushing or kick-starting.

Bike Starters are perfect for using at race tracks, ride days and around the garage.  Our units are ideal for that hard to start Race, Classic, Speedway or Dirt bikes.  Our universal design makes them suited for both road and knobby tyres.

Bike Starters are built with quality components and every unit is tested before it is sent.  Units are shipped from Australia in a custom moulded foam box.

There are two models of bike starter

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Choose The Power That Suits Your Needs and Ride With Confidence

2.5KW High Performance Bike Starter

2.5KW High Performance Bike Starter:

Fitted with a powerful 2.5kw Heavy duty starter motor. This Bike Starter is suited for most bikes from 125cc to Superbike, if you have several bikes or hard to start bikes then this is your option.

2.2KW High Torque Bike Starter

2.2KW High Torque Bike Starter:

Fitted with a 2.2kw high Torque starter motor. This Bike Starter is suited for old classic single cylinder bikes & small dirt bikes (125cc-250cc) easy to start, low compression bikes.

Bike Starters Australia

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  • 12-volt battery powered
  • Twin rubber rollers
  • Both Rollers are Chain driven
  • Tapered rubber rollers to keep the bike centered
  • Suitable for knobby and road tires
  • Footswitch for one-person operation
  • Compact portable design with battery fitting into a cradle (battery and terminals are not included)
  • Powdercoat finish in a range of colours
  • Made in Australia with quality parts and components

Additional Information

  • Some large high-compression V-twins are not suited to roller starters. If you have a large high-compression V-twin, we cannot guarantee that any roller starter will start your bike.
  • Bike starters are not designed to run continuously. They are designed to start your bike, and they are not an alternative starting option for bikes that are not operational.
  • Constantly running a bike starter on a poor-running bike will only overheat the motor and may cause damage to the unit.
  • It is important that the ignition and fuel systems are operational for a bike starter to work.
  • Do not use jumper cables with bike starters. Only use the battery connections provided. The battery must be at least 520 CCA.

Battery Recommendation

We recommend the AcDelco 22F520SMFDF battery for our product due to its suitable specifications. It has a Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) of 520, meeting the minimum requirement for our product. The dimensions of this battery are 240mm x 174mm x 205mm.

Please note that the (battery is not included) with the product. In the event the AcDelco 22F520SMFDF battery is unavailable, an equivalent battery with a CCA of at least 520 may be used.

AcDelco 22f520SMFDF performance battery

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